Sandberg USB to Sound Link

[Item no. 133-33] Rev. 07.03.13


1 Introduction

The Sandberg USB to Sound Link (referred to as ¡°the adapter¡±) is a compact external USB sound card with connectors for both speakers and microphone. It allows you, for example, to connect an ordinary headset to your computer via a USB port without you having to disconnect any sound equipment already connected to the computer.

System requirements:

  • Pentium PC or compatible
  • 1 available USB port


2 Installing the adapter

  1. Start Windows.
  2. Connect the adapter to your computer¡¯s USB port.
  3. Windows will install the drivers for the adapter automatically.

The adapter is now installed and ready for use.


3 Connecting speakers or headphones and a microphone

Connect your speakers or headphones to the green port on the adapter.

Connect your microphone to the red port on the adapter.


4 Troubleshooting

If there is no sound from the speakers or headphones, and the adapter has otherwise been installed without any problems, check the following:

  • Whether the speakers or headphones are correctly connected (see section 3).
  • Whether the speaker output is turned up under the ¡°Volume¡± icon in the notifi cation area or in the ¡°Control Panel¡±.
  • If the above does not help, test the speakers or headphones on another sound source.

If the microphone does not work, check the following:

  • That the microphone is correctly connected and is on (see section 3).
  • That the microphone is enabled under the sound settings in ¡°Control Panel¡±.


Have fun with your Sandberg USB to Sound Link.