Sandberg Outdoor PowerBank 10400 mAh

[Item no. 420-18] Rev. 07.05.14




Charging the battery by USB



  1. Connect the enclosed USB cable between the micro USB port on the battery and a USB port in a computer, or potentially a USB to AC adapter, such as Sandberg item no. 440-56 (EU)/ 440-77 (UK).
  2. The charging status can be read in the LEDs as follows:

    One LED flashes 0-25% charged
    Two LEDs flash 26-50% charged
    Three LEDs flash 51-75% charged
    Four LEDs flash 76-100% charged

When batteries are fully charged, all four LEDs will light constantly.

NB: If the battery is switched off, you can read the charging status in the LEDs by pressing the button.

Press the button for 2 seconds to turn on flashlight. Press it another 2 seconds to turn it off.


Charge device



Connect the PowerBank to your device to charge it.

Reverse the provided cable for Micro USB devices. Use original cable for other devices like for example an iPhone.

Press the button to start charging.


DISCLAIMER: IP54 rainproof case, protecting against rain and dust. Do not immerse in water.