Sandberg ActionCam 4K

[Item no. 430-00] Rev. 03.06.17



1 Introduction

Sandberg ActionCam 4K is a really clever minicamera that makes it easy to record your sporting achievements. The pack includes a solid, watertight plastic housing you can attach to your bike, helmet, skis or anything else. Records in top quality, smooth 4K UHD resolution on a memory card (not included) or can be accessed via Wi-Fi from a smartphone or tablet. The entire back consists of an LCD screen for you to check your recordings, and the front includes a useful status screen.



2 Overview



3 Use

3.1 Charging

Charge the camera using the USB cable supplied.
Connect the cable between the camera's MicroUSB jack and a USB port on a computer or wall charger.
Refer to section 6 if you are connecting to a computer.
The camera can also be charged from a 12V port in a car using the car charger supplied.

3.2 Memory card

The camera records directly to Micro SD cards (not included in the accessories pack). Insert a Micro SD card into the Micro SD port on the camera. Turn the card as shown in the following illustration.

Push the whole card in, until you hear a clicking sound.
Press the card again to remove it.



4 Using the camera

  1. Turn the camera on and off by holding the 'Mode' button down for about two seconds.
  2. You can switch between camera modes using the 'Mode' button. The following modes are available to choose from:

    Video recording:
    Press the 'OK' button to start and stop a recording. A red flashing icon appears on the screen while you are recording and disappears when you stop it.
    Single photo:
    Press the 'OK' button to capture a single photo.
    Slow motion video recording:
    Press the 'OK' button to start and stop a slow motion recording. A red flashing icon appears while you are recording and disappears when you stop it.
    Video and photo playback:
    1. Use the 'Up/Down' buttons on the side of the camera to select the file you require.
    2. Press the 'OK' button to play back a video. Press the 'OK' button again to pause the playback.
    The camera has several different setup options available, for which settings can be made using the selfexplanatory menus described below.
    - Press the 'Mode' button to switch between the individual menus.
    - Use the 'Up/Down' buttons on the side of the camera to move up and down through a menu.
    - Press the 'OK' button to make a selection.



5 Wi-Fi connection and app

The camera can also be accessed on a smartphone or tablet using Wi-Fi. You can then view the camera's images, start and stop recordings, make settings for the camera, and so on, on the connected device directly.

  1. Download the app from the App Store if you have an Apple device, or Google Play if you have an Android device. The app to download is called 'XDV'.
  2. Load the camera's settings (see section 4). Open the menu, then select the WiFi item. You now get the camera's network name and access code.
  3. Go into your device's network settings and locate the camera there. Connect the camera using the access code you were given.
  4. Open the 'XDV' app on your device. The camera's images will now be shown on the connected device, providing you with a series of useful options:

    A. 'Capture': Start and stop video recordings and photo shots. This enables you to use your device as a remote control for your camera ĘC which is a great help when your camera is installed in a location you do not have immediate access to, e.g. on your helmet.

    B. 'Media':
    Play back, transfer or share sequences you have recorded. You can transfer sequences as follows:
    1. Select 'Device'.
    2. Click the arrow in the top corner. Select 'Download'.
    3. Select the files you require and press 'Confirm'. The download begins.
    4. Once the download has finished, press the 'back' arrow in the top left-hand corner. Press 'Phone'.
    5. Select the file you wish to download to your phone. Press the 'up arrow' symbol in the top right-hand corner.
    NB: If the video recording has a higher resolution than your device can support, an error message will appear when you try to make the transfer to your phone. For this reason, we recommend using a lower resolution such as 1080P.

    Sharing directly via certain social media is also possible:
    1. Select 'Phone'.
    2. Click on the arrow in the top right-hand corner. Select 'Share'.
    3.Select the file(s) you want to share.
    NB: On some devices, the 'sharing' function may only work for images.

    C. 'Settings': You can configure the camera's setup.

  5. Press the 'Up' button on the side of the camera to disconnect the WiFi.



6 Wired connection to your PC

When you connect the camera to your PC using the cable supplied, the camera's screen will show you three options; you can choose one using the Up/Down arrow on the side of the camera. Confirm your selection with the OK button.

A. 'USB Mode': Access the camera's memory card on your PC as if it were a general external drive. This enables you to move files back and forth between your PC and the camera, and also to delete files from the camera's memory card directly.

B. 'PC Camera': Use the camera as a webcam for video calls and recordings on your PC.

C. 'Charging mode': Select this mode if you wish to charge the camera from the PC's USB port.

NB: These functions are only compatible with Windows?. The camera will merely charge if connected to MAC OS or another operating system.



7 Battery

The camera's battery can be taken out and replaced. You will find a small battery hatch underneath the camera, which you can push to one side in order to replace the battery.
When inserting the battery, turn it so that the battery's contacts touch the corresponding contacts in the camera.
Changing the battery is advisable if you want to make more recordings than there is currently power for in the existing battery. To order more batteries, use Sandberg item no. 430-01. Go to to find your local reseller or an online reseller.
NB: The camera must be turned off when you replace the battery.

Have fun with your Sandberg Active ActionCam!